FPDF4ZOS Demo Programs

Windows package contains several demo programs which provide useful working models supposed to help developpers to get started.

demo_aThis is the most basic PDF program which illustrates context initialisation, AddPage, Text color and font setting, Text display and Output functions.
demo_bThis program illustrates various graphical capabilities of FPDF4ZOS by drawing a rosette inside a rounded corners rectangle.
demo_cThis program illustrates various document setting capabilities of FPDF4ZOS: Uncompressed streams, Set PDF metadata, Initial display mode, etc.
demo_dThis program illustrates other document setting capabilities of FPDF4ZOS as well as Image handling: Protection, Bookmark, Image, Page Numbering, etc.
demo_eThis program illustrates other graphical capabilities of FPDF4ZOS as well as its code bar features: Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Sector and Code39 / i25 code bars, etc.
demo_fThis program illustrates the powerful Cell() capabilites found in FPDF4ZOS.
demo_gThis program illustrates Annotation as well as embedded data features found in FPDF4ZOS.
demo_hThis program illustrates forms and anchors capabilites found in FPDF4ZOS.
demofpdfThis single program builds a PDF which gathers most of the features and effects which may be obtained with this FPDF4ZOS tool.