From this web site, you may download Windows core DLL as well as demo environment which will help you get started using this environment.  Note that at the moment, no “turn key” downloadable FPDF4ZOS package exists for z/OS or Unix environments.

Regarding Unix-Linux, it is relatively easy to transfer relevant files from windows package and to adjust make file as well as shell scripts to obtain a working environment where the whole package may be compiled and tested thanks to a GNU compiler (gcc).  Taking into account that linux platforms exist in many flavors (various shells and compilers),  creating a turn key environment valid whatever the target environment combination is more hazardous than in Windows where things are somewhere more clear cut as they are driven by a single publisher (say Microsoft), whatever one may think of it …

Regarding z/OS, it is still more difficult to create a turn key downloadable package because there are as many variants in configurations as there are MVS installations.  If you wish to install FPDF4ZOS on your own specific installation, please let me know so that you can get quickly started.  Nevertheless, you will find in mvs sub-directory z/OS only files required to create a fully operational installation:

  • Procedures to compile FPDF4ZOS with IBM C compiler which has been available on all z/OS versions, at least for more than 10 years.
  • Other resources required for compilation: JCL files, definition environment variables for automatic substitution when JOBs are submitted, input files for z/OS linker, etc.
  •  Demo programs featuring Cobol interface, keeping in mind that this interface is a priori not available in either Linux or Windows platforms.