You have reached a web site which describes a multi platform tool, the aim of which is to help developpers to easily mass produce high quality low volume PDF documents in an industrial way.  Although z/OS or MVS users are more specifically targeted, this tool is also fully operational under Windows and Linux-Unix environments.

You will find on this web site:

  • A tool overview as well as a detailed description,
  • A user documentation including reference manual
  • A PDF gallery which illustrates the power of FPDF4ZOS software library,
  • A Windows package which you can use in real production if Windows is your operational platform.  Even if your goal is either Unix or MVS environments, this Windows package will get you started for a further move on your target platform at a later stage.

A quick description of the functional and technical context which led to the development of this tool is also given in  this short presentation.

You may address any question through the contact form.