SetTextProp: Defines a text anchor together   [ 48 ]


This function exists only in forms and cannot be invoked from within a program.  It is supposed to be found in a form where it defines various properties attached to that text anchor and which will shape the way fields will be displayed.  It takes 10 arguments which fully defines a text anchor:
  1. PX  ⇒  X location of the text which will be displayed
  2. PY  ⇒  Y location of the text which will be displayed
  3. IX  ⇒  Width or Delta X ;  -1 if not relevant
  4. IY  ⇒  Height or Delta Y;  -1 if not relevant
  5. CR  ⇒  Red component of text color
  6. CG  ⇒  Green component of text color
  7. CB  ⇒  Blue component of text color
  8. FF  ⇒  Font Family
  9. FST ⇒ Font Style
  10. FSZ ⇒ Font Size
Developper Notes:
  • Maximum number of anchors across all forms of a PDF document is set in configuration file by the key MX_NBTXP. if that number is reached, this instruction is ignored with a warning message in the SYSOUT.
  • IX and IY are frequently not relevant.  These two arguments may contain miscellaneous variables if there is an agreement between people respectively in charge of programs and of forms where these instructions appear.
  • Provided function SetCustColors() is used, the three arguments related to Text color may be negative.  In that case, user default colors will be used instead of the negative ones.

C calling syntax
Not callable from a C progam
Cobol calling syntax
Not callable from a Cobol progam