SetCustColors: Set Customized Colored   [ 69 ]


This function enables programs or form to configure a set of 3 colors as 3 triplets of integer numbers so that further colors reference may specify a negative value and the engine will automatically substitute the negative values by the corresponding customized ones which have been defined by this function.

It take 9 parameters which are all integer numbers in the range [0,255] which are three triplets of {Red-Green-Blue} colors for respectiveley Text, Draw and Fill colors.

Developper Notes:

  • Default value for customized colors is black for Text and Draw colors while it is white for Fill Color.
  • As in all SetXXXXColors functions, if a color component value is found greater than 255, that value is logically "anded" with 255.

C calling syntax
void SetCustColors (int rtc, int gtc, int btc, int rdc, int gdc, int bdc, int rfc, int gfc, int bfc);
Cobol calling syntax
Call "SetCustColors" using by value RTC,GTC,BTC,RDC,GDC,BDC,RFC,GFC,BFC.