SetColumns: Specify a set of widths for columns handling   [ 53 ]


This function exists only in forms and cannot be invoked from within a program.  It may be found in a form where it defines a set of float numbers supposed to refer to the widths of table columns.  It takes 2 arguments which fully defines a column anchor:
  1. col_id    ⇒  pointer to a string of up to 8 characters which specify columns ID
  2. W [20]    ⇒  a set of up to 20 float numbers
Developper Notes:
  • Maximum number of columns anchors across all forms of a PDF document is set in configuration file by the key MX_NBCOL. if that number is reached, this instruction is ignored with a warning message in the SYSOUT - stdout.
  • If it is wished to specify less than 20 float numbers, meaning the table has less than 20 columns, a good practice is to define a negative number in the columns just after the last significant one.

C calling syntax
Not callable from a C program
Cobol calling syntax
Not callable from a Cobol progam