Include: Import a form within a form   [ 47 ]


This function exists only in forms and cannot be invoked from within a program.  The idea is that when several forms exist which share the same visual outlook but differ in slight details, it may be handy to have a single form which gathers all the common parts and have other different forms including that common one while they would contain only the differences.

Typically, here is a use case whereas a document containing colored lines and areas intended for different customers should also contain a colored customer logo.  Depending of the visual outlook of that logo, it may be mandatory to change the colors or text, lines or filled areas.  This is where function SetCustColors() combined with a common form to be included which would contain "negative" colors may proove quite useful.

C calling syntax
Not Callable from a C program
Cobol calling syntax
Not callable from a Cobol program